When we think of kitchen cabinets, they are confined solely to the kitchen. Despite this belief, there are various ways to use them outside of the kitchen to not only create a unique look throughout the house but to maximize storage efficiency. By using kitchen cabinets, it is possible to achieve a more polished or cohesive household image.

Dining Rooms

Large cabinets are often used in the dining room to store your fine china and other home d├ęcor, as the dining room is often used for entertaining. By using the same kitchen cabinets, you can create the same feature that is more balance and refined.


When designing your bathroom, not having enough space or storage is a consistent issue for homeowners. Cabinets and vanities can usually give you plenty of space for all your bathroom supplies, but with kitchen counters that are typically larger, there exists even more space.

Home Offices

The use of cabinets in your home office can create an elegant and efficient style. By utilizing built-in cabinets, you can give your home office a neater, more luxurious look that can help control clutter.

Laundry Rooms

Rather than using shelves, kitchen cabinets can transform your laundry room into a more aesthetically pleasing and functional area. These cabinets can hold various laundry supplies or items out of sight. They can also be framed to completely hide your washer and dryer from sight, which is especially useful when you do not have a dedicated room or area to do your laundry.


For families, having a playroom is often a necessity. The use of floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets in this area will be highly beneficial. It can bring a sense of order while also adding much needed style. These cabinets make it easy to access toys at the drop of a dime to cleaning up quickly.