Living large can be hard when you are restricted by small spaces and tight corridors. With the right materials and thoughtful planning, you can maximize your bathroom space. All you must do is follow these steps:

Establish where your focal point is.

By keeping colors, patterns, and materials simple, bold elements can create more of a visual impact in a small space.
This does not mean that you should limit yourself to small scale patterns or other “small” elements. Small-scale patterns can create the illusion that a room is smaller than it is, while larger ones give the room more of a distinction.

Color is important.

Colors should be kept simple but using just one color can make a room feel smaller than it is. White and neutral colors often appear “cleaner” and make the room feel bigger and brighter. Various clashing colors often appear “cluttered” and make the room feel smaller. Darker and more dramatic colors can give the illusion of space if there is a glossy sheen to reflect light, while pops of color can bring a room to life.

Incorporate clever storage.

Storage is the key to whether you have enough room in your bathroom or if it feels suffocating. Using interior wall space rather than just placing items on the floor can give a more open feel to your space. While putting shelves over a toilet can create a niche around it. Elevating a sink cabinet can allow you extra space underneath and utilizing the door space with towel racks or hooks is a MUST.

Utilize the right doors.

When picking the right door, sliding doors can be a lifesaver for a tight space, especially when you are in danger of hitting the toilet every time you open the door. Furthermore, it is recommended to get frameless shower doors because clear glass often maximizes visual space.