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If you appreciate minimalist furnishings and clean surfaces, these design tips are for you. Whether you’re completely remodeling your bathroom or just adding a few new touches, now you can design your bathroom with the beauty of simplistic, sleek style.

How to Design a Sleek, Modern Bathroom

Look for a Floating Vanity

One of the essential aspects of modern design is a sense of minimalism. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look, on any budget, is by adding a sleek floating vanity to your bathroom. Floating vanities will help make your bathroom appear larger while simultaneously giving off a distinctly modern feel. If you find a vanity with an integrated sink, it looks even more minimalist while being easy to clean.

Go for Crisp Neutrals

Simple, crisp color palettes are perfect for modern bathrooms. Focus on neutrals like charcoal gray, bright white, or taupe for timeless style.

Repeat Materials

While using few colors you should also try to stick to a limited amount of materials. Create a cohesive look with one style of wood or stone for the walls, floors, and accents in addition to your color palette.

Try a Dark Floor

White, beige, and light gray are common color choices for creating a modern space, but dark floors offer a contrasting shade. Using a dark floor in addition to a lighter colors for the walls creates the perfect sleek look.

Essential Modern Lighting

Adding bright lighting to your bathroom with modern LED or fluorescent bulbs will help create a clean, fresh, and modern bathroom. Having bright white lighting from above will also help your room appear larger.

Simple Mirror

To continue with the minimalist, modern feel, go for a simple mirror without any ornate details. Adding a simple, frameless mirror will look elegant in your new modern space.