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How to Design a Modern Kitchen

1. Choose a Flat-Panel Door Style

Also referred to as a slab-door style and is a key element of modern kitchen design. This sleek design is signature for those who are going for pure modern style.

2. Opt for Frameless, Full-Overlay Cabinet Construction

A true frameless cabinet allows consistent spacing between all the doors, drawers, and even between cabinets. This style is used most often in modern kitchens because of it’s sleeker design.

3. Embrace Sleek and Simple Hardware

The most popular hardware style for a modern kitchen the the “c-channel” hardware that’s integrated into the cabinet. Tubular pulls and flat, linear pulls are often very popular. The horizontal lines of the cabinets in your kitchen should be accented by cabinet hardware running the full length of the drawers and doors.

4. Favor Lack of Ornamentation

A signature of modern design is having a lack of ornamentation. Mostly, modern kitchens won’t have multiple materials with texture, color, or patinas. Go for a simple, full-height glass backsplash and countertops without and pattern or veining.

5. Relish in the Beauty of Natural Materials

When modern kitchens do go for a little ornamentation, they get it from natural characteristics. For example, going with materials such as a horizontal grain of oak or the natural veining of marble or granite countertops.

6. Emphasize Horizontal Lines

Many modern kitchens will show an emphasis on horizontal lines, such as long, wide lines of stacks of drawer cabinets lined in a row. Or hardware set long and horizontal. Anything to accentuate the length and horizontal theme.

7. Designate a Style for Accent Pieces

Accents like lighting, chairs, tables, etc, should be consistent in style. Opt for accent pieces with simple, clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. With modern style it’s safe to go with sleek bar stools and pendant lights for your kitchen.