Contemporary kitchens have a modern design with additional elements from other styles incorporated. These days, contemporary design includes cutting-edge design and technology, but with new trends and materials thoughtfully intertwined to create a well thought out look.

Creating a Cutting-Edge, Contemporary Kitchen

1. Cutting-edge Appliances 

Every industry from spaceships to cars to appliances has undergone a technology race. There will always be a search for better performance, durability, advanced features, and more. Kitchen appliances are no exception. Gone are the days of pink ovens and avocado appliances. Now it’s all about sleek, stylish, and high functioning electronics in the kitchen. From high-performance refrigerators, induction cooktops, and so much more.

2. Old Materials Recycled in a New Way

Contemporary design will often push the boundaries of what we know and are comfortable with. It’s highly stylish with contemporary design to recycle materials in a new way to make it better, or more fashionable. From using glass shelving to different colored concrete as countertops.

3. Extensive Options for Backsplashes 

In purely modern kitchens, there is little ornamentation in backsplashes, but with contemporary, there’s often a lot of patterns incorporated. Glass, mosaic, stone, and ceramic tiles are a favorite material for contemporary backsplashes. Homeowners can really express their personality through the use of different materials, and the backsplash is a great place to start.

4. Updated Accents and Accessories

A lot of contemporary kitchens are incorporating updated accents and accessories. From aluminum appliances and hidden outlets to new glass-front doors and lighting, today’s contemporary kitchens are taking advantage of clever gadgets and products.

5. Mixing Materials, Shapes, and Scale

One of the biggest signs of a contemporary kitchen is the combined use of materials, shapes, and scale. Using various types of stone, wood, fabric, and geometrical elements to create a harmonized look is a sure sign of a well designed contemporary kitchen.