Photo by Magnolia

1. Soft Colors

If you’re looking to give your kitchen the perfect cottage feel, you’ll want to start with soft colors. Cottage inspired palettes have a lot of light and airy colors. You can’t go wrong with crisp, classic white or a soft yellow or light khaki. Paired with a pale turquoise or light green and you’re well on your way.

2. Open Shelving

The next step for a cottage inspired kitchen is to opt for open shelving in place of traditional upper cabinetry. Open shelves were more utilitarianĀ than decorative, for when cooks needed to retrieve dishes and tools quickly rather than have fancy cabinets. Now open shelving is more about the aesthetic as much as practicality. The open shelves also help your kitchen space feel larger.

3. Beadboard

Beadboard is the way to go for the classic cottage feel. The grooved style of paneling adds architectural interest while adding warmth to your walls. Paint the beadboard a classic creamy color and choose the same hue for your cabinetry. You can also sand it lightly for an aged, distressed look.

4. Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, have been making a serious comeback in recent years. These sinks have a broad, shallow face and an extra-deep bowl that can accommodate large pots and pans. Farmhouse sinksĀ help create a sense of country living.

5. Cup Pulls

Cup-style drawer pulls add an extra detail of period flavor to cottage inspired kitchens. Go for a finish with patina, like oil-rubbed bronze or a brushed nickel.

6. Hardwood Flooring

Before carpet became popular, hardwood floors were standard. Now hardwood floors will perfectly complement your cottage kitchen style. You can leave the planks bare, showing the natural grain, or you can repaint them in a solid color. You can also opt to paint your wood floors in a pattern such as a checkerboard.